Soil Nails/ Tie Back Anchors Services

Our Soil Nails Tie Back Anchors provide innovative and effective stabilization solutions that are designed to address a wide range of soil and structural challenges. Soil nailing and tie back anchors are advanced techniques that involve installing reinforcing elements into the ground to enhance its load-bearing capacity and prevent soil erosion.

Expert Design and Engineering

Our team of highly skilled engineers and geotechnical experts carefully assess the geological conditions of your site. By conducting thorough site investigations, we gain an in-depth understanding of soil properties, ground stability, and potential challenges. This knowledge guides us in crafting tailor-made solutions that ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency. Whether your project is industrial, commercial, or residential in nature, our expert design and engineering services guarantee optimal performance and longevity.

Precise Installation

The success of any soil nail and tie back anchor system hinges on the quality of installation. At Atlas Piling and Drilling Inc., we employ advanced techniques to ensure the precise and secure installation of soil nails and tie back anchors. We work diligently to implement the engineered designs accurately, taking into consideration load-bearing capacities, soil composition, and project-specific requirements. The result is a robust and reliable system that offers unmatched stability to your structure.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Maintenance

We understand that a lasting solution requires ongoing attention. We continuously monitor the performance of soil nails and tie back anchors, addressing any signs of movement, settlement, or degradation promptly. This proactive approach helps mitigate potential risks and ensures the long-term integrity of your structure. Our team is always ready to provide scheduled inspections and necessary maintenance, adapting to the evolving needs of your project over time.

Other Services

Drilled Micro Piles

When conventional foundation solutions fall short, turn to our Drilled Micro Piles service. These small-diameter, high-capacity piles offer versatile foundation support, particularly in limited-access areas or challenging soil conditions.

Helical Piles

Experience the benefits of our Helical Piles service, ideal for projects requiring rapid installation and minimal soil disturbance. These screw-like piles provide reliable foundation support for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Pile Load Testing

Ensure the stability and reliability of your foundation with our rigorous Pile Load Testing service. Our experts employ advanced testing methodologies to accurately assess load-bearing capacities, providing you with vital data for informed foundation design decisions.