Foundation Services

Atlas Piling and Drilling Inc. offers specialized piling and drilling solutions to resolve whatever foundation issues your buildings or structures may have. Find out more about our services below to determine the best solution for your needs.

We offer industrial piling services to build deep foundation systems for new projects or strengthen the foundations of your existing structures.

Our process involves drilling steel or concrete piles into the ground to transfer the structure’s load to a more stable base.

We use innovative tools and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency for all our piling work.

We can perform a variety of piling services, including:

⦁ Helical or screw piling
⦁ Driven piling
⦁ Bored piling
⦁ Micro piling
⦁ Sheet piling
⦁ Timber piling
⦁ Shotcrete and soil nail shoring
⦁ H pile and lagging shoring

Our team will inspect the job site and recommend the most optimal piling solution. We base this on soil condition to see what pile foundation will hold up most effectively.

If you have a building with a weak foundation or poor soil properties our underpinning services can strengthen and reinforce the existing foundation to boost its structural integrity.

Underpinning is a great and cost-effective solution to add extra support to your structure without necessarily causing a major disturbance to the job site.

Here are just some situations where our clients need underpinning:

⦁ Weakened structural integrity due to natural disasters
⦁ Changes in soil conditions have affected the foundation
⦁ Old building has a compromised foundation
⦁ Building use has changed

Our team will first inspect your building to determine whether it needs structural repair. Then, after a thorough assessment, we determine the ideal underpinning solution to match your site conditions.

A structural engineer will be engaged to work on behalf of the owner and provide the necessary calculations.

We can perform various methods, ranging from the traditional mass concrete underpinning to various piling or drilling methods or beam and base underpinning.