Expert Piling Services

Atlas Piling and Drilling, Inc. are your experts in residential, industrial, and commercial piling solutions to address structural foundation issues throughout the entire province of British Columbia. Our extensive industry experience provides us with the expertise as a leader in the industry.

Proud to Be Serving the Entire Province of British Columbia since 2010.

Helical Piles

Helical piling is primarily for projects with inadequate soil conditions. We install the piles, which are made of steel shafts with helical plates (screw threads), underground to transfer the weight of your structure to sit on top of them. Can be used in tension or compression and can be grouted to provide additional capacity. Also used as a soil nail in slope and retaining wall applications. Can be installed with hand-rigged equipment for confined space or mid-sized equipment as well as large diameter with large excavator mounted drive equipment

We recommend this service for sensitive areas since the process is the least invasive and has minimum impact on the surroundings as well as being cost efficient.

Micro Piles

A micropile is a friction pile with a narrow diameter that may be bored or drilled and placed at an angle if necessary to handle axial and lateral stresses. Depending on the soil conditions and use, micropiles can be cased or uncased. The central reinforcing bar and cement grout, once placed, facilitate weight transmission into the bearing soil or rock.

We recommend this service for soils that that have rock, dense ground, or concerns of interference issues below grade.

In most cases, we recommend this technique when underpinning existing structures since it has minimal noise and vibration.

Soil Nails

Our soil nailing services are designed to remedy unstable soil slopes and strengthen the ground base of your structures. Generally, these are suited for clay, silty, and sandy soils. Our team can help assess the site conditions to determine if they will suit your project.

Additional Piling Services

Driven Piles

Due to their adaptability, we use driven piles for more unique sites, such as marine and shore applications. Instead of drilling holes on the ground, we install these with vibration hammers to reach a certain depth.

Vibro Piles

Vibro piling services are suitable for sites with granular soils. We install these by densifying the soil with specialized equipment, vibrating the pile into the ground, and filling it with concrete.

Sheet Piles

Our sheet piles are used for retaining walls or below-grade structures like basements and parking areas. These involve installing the piles sequentially to create a barrier that serves as temporary or permanent support.