The foundation is arguably the most critical part of a building as it stabilizes the entire structure, preventing it from collapsing. As such, a foundation specialist recommends a routine inspection at least twice a year, especially if the building is an older dwelling.

Of course, other factors may affect the frequency of inspection. For instance, if your location is in an area vulnerable to extreme weather conditions or severe temperature shifts. Also, you may need to call in foundation experts when you have just experienced a flood, earthquake, or winter storm.

What Happens Before the Foundation Repair

You will receive an approximate estimate of the cost of the foundation repair. Even if you have already gotten the quotation over the phone, the price will change based on the conditions on the ground.

  1. You may need to put away your belongings that will obstruct the work.
  2. Clear the perimeter of the affected area so the workers can bring the equipment without any interference.

What Happens During the Process of Foundation Repair

Once you call in the experts, a team, including engineers, will visit the building to thoroughly evaluate your foundation’s current state. They will also devise the best course of action for the foundation repair.

  1. The contractor will prepare the job site, which may include disconnecting all the utilities that might get hit.
  2. You must also turn off your HVAC to prevent the dust from infiltrating its exhaust and motor.
  3. In some cases, your plumbing system may also be affected. Thankfully, most foundation specialists have plumbers on the speed dial if you don’t have access to one.
  4. You can expect the contractor to excavate and dig holes to access the foundation. The extent of the work will depend on the gravity of the damage.
  5. Heavy equipment will sometimes roll into the location, so you can expect a lot of noise. It’s recommended to notify your neighbors ahead of time.
  6. Your property will become messy with debris, rocks, slabs, trash, and rubble. The contractor will try to put everything as it was, but it will take some time for your well-manicured yard to grow green.
  7. You can also expect intense vibrations, particularly if the job needs piercing. So, keep fragile items off cupboards and elevated areas to prevent them from falling.

When the workers bring in the necessary tools and equipment for the foundation repair, it’s best to ensure everyone is out of the way for everyone’s safety.

What Happens Post-Foundation Repair

You must be vigilant to look for sudden cracks on the floor or drywall. But you must wait at least a month after the foundation repair to call in the experts for cosmetic repairs. It takes about 4-6 weeks for your building or house to “settle” after such a major undertaking.

Contact Atlas Piling for Foundation Repair

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